SPIRIT of the Passage de Retz

The Passage de Retz, with its Petit Café and boutique is :


A Place of temporary exhibitions


A Place for expression of relationship and meetings


A Place of questions and investigations


The Passage de Retz is asking questions about our history, our society and our memory, while focusing on objects, witnesses and testimonies for each generation.


A place of confrontations and comparisons


The Passage de Retz gives « carte blanche » in different fields : contemporary artists, architects, fashion designers, designers, photographers, scientists, publishers, philosophers, sociologists, writers...


The Passage de Retz is a place in Paris designed to host international events, thus giving to the Parisian audience access to creations coming from Europe and other continents.


Through temporary exhibitions, the Passage de Retz aims to promote and foster relationships between designers, manufacturers, industrials and a large audience of amateurs, professionnals, consumers.